Brand History

Petrovskaya Sloboda (Peters Suburb) as a brand was inspired by the times of Peter the Great when coffee started to be known and appreciated in Russia.

Peter the Great is usually considered to be the one who encouraged the countrys development and progress in the beginning of the 18 century. Many of famous craftsmen, scientists and engineers from European countries were invited to come to Russia for the implementation of his ambitious projects, be that new cities, ship yards or railways. Those foreigners would usually live in the outskirts of Moscow, and each their settlement had a respective name.

The Germans lived in the Nemetskaya Sloboda (German Suburb) in Lefortovo district. The tsar was deeply fond of that neighbourhood: he adored the German Suburb itself, the beautiful Lefortovo park that surrounded it and the banks of the Yauza river.

The district still exists (and, by co-incidence, Petrovskaya Sloboda was initially manufactured at a plant located there). The companys founders decided to merge those historical places and create their imaginary Petrovskaya Sloboda (Peters Suburb).

The brand is represented by The Beautiful Coffee Lady. One can easily guess that her image is based on the one of Anna Mons, tsars favourite mistress for many years and one of the prettiest girls of that epoch. Anna was of German origin and indeed lived in the German quarter. The founders of the Petrovskaya Sloboda brand hired a Russian painter to make a painting depicting Anna, a beautiful young lady in an old-fashioned dress and a white cap serving the tsar a pot of full-flavoured coffee with cream on a tray. The image became the core element of the Petrovskaya Sloboda logo.

Petrovskaya Sloboda, the first 3-in-1 coffee produced in Russia consisting of instant coffee, sugar and cream, was launched in 1999.

The brand has been extending its product range - which now includes:

  • - Premiera freeze-dried coffee (90g and 45g doy-packs) and Classica granulated coffee (150g and 75g doy-packs);
  • - Instant coffee 3-in-1, classic or flavoured (20g packs);
  • - Cappuccino 3-in-1, classic or flavoured (15g packs);
  • - Hot chocolate 3-in-1 classic and flavoured (25g packs);
  • - Instant flavoured tea 3-in-1 (18g packs).

Petrovskaya Sloboda distribution has been expanding constantly and by now, apart from Russia, the brand is well-known to the consumers in Ukraine, Belorussia and Moldavia.

In 2008 Petrovskaya Sloboda was acquired by Food Empire Holdings group.